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Rain, Big Birthdays and Life’s Lemons

July 6, 2013

Hello dear readers (if you are still out there that is!), it has been quite a while since I blogged here and it feels so good to be back and I am very hopeful that my blogging mojo will be back again soon in full force. Life sometimes gives you less than lemons and you find you can’t even make lemonade! I was without internet for a while there….well let’s just say internet so intermittent that I could not open up websites, especially not pages with lots of content and photos etc like blogs. They would just hang there with me watching that little spinning wheel of death thingy and having very bad and dark thoughts. So I would leave my pc and go and make something to eat or drink to settle the jangling nerves and come back to find the error message and no internet again. That sad tale of woe carried on for more than 3 months (some periods worse than others) and I could not understand it. Kept logging faults with Telkom (in between wailing and gnashing of teeth)  and they would respond and send a pair of techies out to check out the problem. Not an inch of telephone cable in my house went without inspection. The little plugs and stuff were replaced. They went away promising me it was fixed and within an hour I logged another fault. FIVE TIMES! The sixth time they sent someone else haha! Another technician, one guy on his own, who finally had the common sense to test the line OUTSIDE of the complex where I live. And from there it went to the correct department and I got my internet back. Sadly, the cables get wet when it rains here (and we have had a LOT of rain as you can see from the pic of Kalk Bay Main Road below that went viral on facebook) so I do have an ongoing problem but when they dry up I fly! (My apologies as I can’t give credit for the photo. If you know who took it please let me know so I can acknowledge them)


I have had to postpone the SA Food and Wine Blogger Indaba for this year because I could not get about the business of planning and finding a venue and sponsors. I was getting so stressed and frustrated and panicky about it. You can read all about it  here . But the great news is that I have since secured the fabulous Upper Eastside Hotel for the next Indaba which will be happening during our sunny summer season on Saturday 22nd February 2014. Follow the blog, facebook page or @SAFWiBI on twitter for further exciting announcements about that. If you click the twitter link to the right you will also get all the info you need. And if you are interested in attending the Indaba and have specific ideas on what you would like to benefit from it then WE want to hear what YOU think. Fill out the survey and have your say! It is anonymous so go for it!

Since I last blogged I had a rather big birthday. I celebrated…and am still celebrating…turning 60 years young! I finally used my night away for 8 people that I won via facebook last year at The Grosvenor Guest House in Simonstown and went away to celebrate with my family and a couple of very close friends. We booked out the rest of the rooms so there were 14 of us eventually. What a wonderful time we had! On my actual birthday we had a fabulous party at The Red Herring in Noordhoek and I was so spoiled by family and friends. My main gift was a beautiful new monstrous pc… We’re talking in terabytes here. I was so thrilled as my previous one had turned into a bit of a dinosaur! The other surprise was my birthday cake….my blog home page designed by my son and made by Cake Creations in Fish Hoek. Here are a few photo collages from the Simonstown night out and also the party……

In other news my old man has had a good promotion at work. No such thing as retirement in his vocabulary. Such a huge challenge for him but he has embraced it in the same fashion as he does everything in life. He comes home tired but fulfilled at the end of each day. He has been over to London to attend the World Conference on Addictions and found that very interesting and enlightening. Oh and Mr Brownieboy and I also celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary on Monday. We treated ourselves to tickets to see Jersey Boys at the Artscape Theatre in Cape Town and were blown away by the talent and the slick very well produced show. Do yourselves a favour and do try and see it if you can. It has been extended for another two weeks as it is so popular!

So there you have it….we have almost caught up. Time to get onto some serious food blogging………I have lots to share as long as Mr Mojo sticks around 😉

Have a great weekend everyone, we’re heading up the West Coast with the family for a week now that it is winter holiday time so I will see you when I get back!

browniegirl xx

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  1. Cindy permalink
    July 6, 2013 7:29 AM

    Ooodles of celebrations in this post. I’m happy about all of it. Lots of love xxx

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