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July 15, 2011

This is the first time that I am participating in Presto Pasta Nights a regular event run by Ruth from Once Upon A Feast and hosted this week by Tandy from Lavender and Lime blog. I have not been able to eat solids (not even slops if truth be told so I am living on liquids at the moment after nasty oral surgery) so I have been searching through my folders  ginormous computer archive of recipes and photographs (I know I know….I do need to make folders!! Sorry Jeanne) to find something appropriate to submit. Found one………….


Serves 4

Difficulty – Easy

Prep and Cooking Time: 30-40 minutes


500g Heirloom Variegated Tomatoes  – peeled and chopped

1 Chorizo Sausage sliced into diagonal slices

1 Can Whole Peeled Tomatoes

2 Onions – peeled and finely chopped

6 smallish Zucchini – cut into rounds

4 Cloves Garlic – finely chopped

1 Red Chilli – deseeded and finely chopped (use more if you like the heat)

30mls Olive Oil

5ml Fresh Thyme leaves

15ml Fresh Oregano leaves

Salt and Cracked Black Pepper

15ml Sugar

30ml Red Wine Vinegar

Small piece of whole Cassia


Finely grated Parmesan Cheese to serve

Micro Wild Rocket leaves for garnishing



Heat the olive oil in a large saucepan, add the chopped onions and the thyme leaves and sauté until onions are limp and glazed

Add the chorizo and sauté a minute or so

Add the finely chopped garlic and chilli and stir fry for a minute longer

Add the contents of the can of whole peeled tomatoes (use a sharp knife and chop the tomatoes roughly in the can to break them up a bit) and the prepared fresh tomatoes, cassia and oregano. Bring to a rolling boil then reduce the heat and allow to simmer for about 20 minutes until reduced a bit and thickened

Add the zucchini and continue to simmer for another 10 minutes or so

In the meantime boil your spaghetti in lots of boiling heavily salted water until just al dente. Time it so that the spaghetti and the sauce finish cooking at the same time.

While the tomato mixture is cooking place the vinegar and sugar into a small saucepan and heat gently until the sugar has dissolved, turn the heat to high and reduce quickly until a thick syrup of about 10mls remains (this is called a gastrique)

Pour this into the tomato mixture and season to taste with salt and pepper.

Remove the cassia bark.

Drain the pasta – reserve a little bit of the salty water to add to the tomato sauce at the end if needed

Toss the pasta into the tomato sauce in the saucepan adding a little bit of the pasta water if you need to loosen it up a bit

Garnish with some organic micro wild rocket leaves and serve with finely grated parmesan cheese


So, that is my entry into this weeks Presto Pasta Nights 222 If you haven’t done yours by now I think you might be too late. As per usual…..the pressure is on and I’m sliding in to home base at the last minute!! What can I say?? Thats just me 🙂 Thank you Tandy for hosting this week and thank you Ruth for this great event.

Have a wonderful relaxing weekend,

browniegirl xx


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  1. July 15, 2011 11:13 AM

    Poor darling Colleen – so you won’t take my suggestion of puréeing the spaghetti and drinking it? This is a fabulous dish and my men would go crazy for it what with the chorizo added to the already flavorful sauce! I’ll make this when my Simon gets home in September! Feel better and heal quckly, my friend! xoxo

    • July 28, 2011 10:39 PM

      LOL! Thanks so much Jamie, but no thanks.l cannot begin to imagine how pureed spaghetti would taste 🙂 I shall stick to the soups and stuff for now!! Glad you like. Im sure the men will love it as it is a deeply flavourful dish. Thank you so much for the good wishes. Got a way to go but slowly getting there. Hugs and love to you. xxx

  2. July 15, 2011 11:15 AM

    That looks delish Colly!

  3. July 15, 2011 11:17 AM

    my kinda food! hope you get to enjoy some real food soon 🙂 xxx

    • July 28, 2011 10:41 PM

      Thank you glad you like….may be a little while still… I told you, I was depraved enough today to dunk some bread in my soup. And I hate dunking hehe…. xx

  4. July 15, 2011 11:58 AM

    I do hope you soon get to enjoy your wonderful cooking again.
    I just took my photo, was planning to post it tomorrow 😦

    • July 28, 2011 10:42 PM

      Oh dear….Its usually me to miss the deadlines Cindy! Thank you so much sweetie. Im still getting by on soups and similar but hopefully soon xxx

  5. July 15, 2011 4:02 PM

    Hi Colleen. I’m so into heirlooms at the moment (and blogs!)! Love this recipe… thanks for sharing with us.

    • July 28, 2011 10:43 PM

      Bern, such an honour to have you visit and pay me such a lovely compliment. Thank you so much. Really value that. Love the heirlooms. Wish I grew them myself…Love your blog too 🙂 xx

  6. pinkpolkadotfood permalink
    July 15, 2011 4:30 PM

    Lovely recipe, Collie!! I love the enamel plate! I hope you will be better soon. Loads opf hugs to you!

    • July 28, 2011 10:44 PM

      Thank you very much Polkie. I love old enamel plates and have a couple of them. Thanks for the good wishes. Hugs to you too xx

  7. July 19, 2011 5:59 AM

    Perfect, I’ve been hunting today for a great schetty recipe, and this here is it. Can’t wait to try it. :)))

    • July 28, 2011 10:45 PM

      WOW! Thanks Anna, appreciate that. Hope you enjoy as much as I did. 🙂 xx

  8. July 20, 2011 12:46 PM

    Oh, you poor thing – hope you’re back on the solids soon. This dish looks delicious – a whole lot of my favourite things in there 🙂

    • July 28, 2011 11:03 PM

      Thank you so much Sue! Still on liquids but hopefully will be getting there soon. At least I am also losing some weight at the same time 🙂 Hope you make it and enjoy it! xx

  9. July 21, 2011 12:04 PM

    Firstly – that plate is beautiful – I want one!
    Secondly – this bowl of pasta is seriously making me drool. Chorizo? I’m there like a bear.

    And lastly – how’s the mouth/jaw healing?

    • July 28, 2011 11:11 PM

      Marisa I guess you must be into old enamel too then??? 🙂 Thank you so much for the lovely comment. This was a delightful pasta and I am really looking forward to making it again soon. The mouth is healing slowly thank you – not yet there but getting there. Looong road ahead. Still more surgery to come later. But should be much better after that. Hugs to you and mini-me xx

  10. July 21, 2011 1:01 PM

    this looks delicious i might have to try it out at the weekend

    • July 28, 2011 11:22 PM

      Hi Tinkerbelle86. Thank you so much for popping in and visiting. Love visitors and love comments. I do hope you try it and would love to have feedback if you do. xx

  11. July 28, 2011 11:06 PM

    Looks wonderful and now I´ve spotted your tarte tatin,so am heading that way now!

    • July 28, 2011 11:23 PM

      LOL! Hi chica and thanx so much for the visit. Glad you like what you see 🙂 I did the same on your blog a bit earlier. Will visit again. Late and cold so I need to get into my warm bed!! xx


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